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How long is the wait?

All of our Practices endevour to have you seen by a Doctor as soon as possible. We offer the option for you to pre-book an appointment, which can mean a more predicted time for you to be seen by the doctor. Alternatively for the unforseen visits to the doctor, we can offer you a walk-in appointment. We cannot predict the wait time, however we generally allocate 15-20 minute intervals between patients for regular appointments. Your Wait time can be reduced by calling prior to your visit and telling us the nature of your appointment when you call, so that we can determine if you need a longer appointment or a regular appointment.  


Are my pathology results in? How long will it take? What did they say?

If you call ahead of your visit we can tell you whether or not your pathology results are in; most results take 2-3 days for regular samples, but it depends on the test. It's best to ask the pathologist or reception staff when you get the sample taken to save yourself a call later. We cannot give you the results over the phone for privacy reasons, and reception staff are not trained to interpret the information on the results, We prefer that you see the doctor for the results. If it is urgent and the doctor has asked to see you regarding the results we will contact you via phone or mail as soon as possible.


Do you have a female doctor?

YES! all of our medical centres have female doctors for your comfort and conveinence. Call ahead of time to ensure that your chosen practitioner is in that day.


What will it cost me? What is Bulk Billing?

All of our medical centres are Bulk Billing! Bulk Billing is when a provider bills Medicare directly for any medical or allied health service that the patient receives. This means the full payment of your medical service is billed through medicare at no expence to you! You need to bring your medicare card with you when you come into the medical centre.


What is covered by Medicare?

Medicare is the basis of Australia’s health care system and covers many health care costs. You can choose whether to have Medicare cover only, or a combination of Medicare and private health insurance. Citizens and most permanent Australian residents are eligible for Medicare.



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