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Skyshrine Yoga Retreat

Situated 45 mins from the Sydney CBD, with a feeling that it is a thousand miles away


Skyshrine is a tranquil 10 bed eco-friendly yoga retreat situated in the Hawkesbury, offering an incredible natural setting, stunning views, an inviting swimming pool and a unique transformative yoga, health and meditation experience; An all accepting place to find peace of mind, contentment & purpose



Our story

Imagine a place where you can unwind, unplug & reconnect with yourself & the elements around you. A place to detoxify, rejuvenate & rediscover inner wellness.

At Skyshrine we pave the way for you to live healthier lifestyles, through our unique individually tailored programs taught by our friendly team of qualified practitioners & health providers.


We have integrated wisdom of the east with the innovation of the west to empower you to be the best you through:

            - yoga

            - meditation

            - naturopathy

            - kinesiology

            - detox & nutrition

            - aromatherapy

By integrating these practices we have developed a well rounded weekend retreat to give you all the tools necessary to achieve your personal wellness goals and overall mind, body & spirit.

Our weekend

Friday - Grounding
Familiarise yourself with the guests, instructors,
your room and clearing any questions that you may have. We like to call the first day
grounding as we believe in order to take flight on a journey, one must first plant their
feet firmly.
Saturday - Tasting flight
Discover or refresh on the fundamentals & principles of yoga mixed with practical classes
designed to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle at your own pace. We call this day
tasting flight as we believe that once you have experienced what skyshrine offers,
you will be able to soar at your own speed.

Sunday - Steady landing

Our third and final day is designed to review the lessons learnt and allow the work done

to settle within your mind and body. This allows for the benefits of the weekend to be

more easily acessible to you in the future. We call this day steady landing as it will prepare

you outside skyshrine as you take off on your next journey.

*Ask about our discounts available for eligible guests.*

We offer 30% discounts for seniors, disabled, military and public sector guests. ( public sector
includes; police, fire, ambulance, nurses, teachers)

Dada - Yogi 

Alice - Kinesiologsit

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